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In today’s world, having health insurance isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity for most individuals. While most individuals depend on their employer to provide an affordable health insurance plan that takes care of their health insurance needs and in many instances the health insurance needs of their family. It is way to often that many individuals find their health insurance situations change in the blink of an eye, individuals can quickly find themselves   without the much needed support from their employer who most likely was covering a significant portion or maybe even all of their health insurance premiums.

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The  Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act also known as  COBRA Insurance continuation of health coverage is available for most employees who qualify, but isn’t always a viable option for most individuals. COBRA Continuation Coverage or an individuals right to the option of continuing their health insurance coverage through COBRA  can end up costing them as much as 102% of their Health Insurance plans original premium.  For most individuals who depended on their former employers to subsidize the cost of their health insurance premiums, COBRA insurance just isn’t an option that they can afford. VIPER was specifically designed to help individuals in this situation.

VIPER  Health Insurance provides Affordable Health Coverage &  Temporary Health Insurance plans to individuals and their families in both the public and the private sectors.  We are the official Industry Standard Alternative to COBRA insurance.  If you have chosen to decline COBRA insurance or  COBRA medical coverage for any reason and are in need of continuing health insurance coverage with a more affordable health insurance plan whether unemployed, temporarily unemployed, laid-off, fired, or maybe just self-employed, VIPER Health Insurance is exactly what you are looking for.

VIPER gives individuals the opportunity to design their own health plan with great features that allow individuals to determine their own  Deductible and  Co-Insurance, when health insurance coverage will begin (coverage is available as early as 12:01 a.m. next day) and when health insurance coverage will end, individuals can choose their own doctor or hospital, and have choice of flexible monthly payment options.

You may think that health insurance coverage is something that you may not really need or maybe just can’t afford. But if you had to face paying medical bills & health expenses alone in the case of an unexpected illness or sudden accident, would you really be able to?  Health insurance is something that you can’t really gamble with or even afford to live without.  If you are looking to buy an affordable health insurance plan or short-term major medical insurance plan through VIPER Health Insurance, then try a  FREE no-obligation quote  today?

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Interested in VIPER Health Insurance coverage and want to learn more about what is available where you live?  Select your state of residence above and you will be provided with updated search results from VIPER Health Insurance database for the COBRA Alternative Health Insurance Plan  that is available in that state.

VIPER Health Insurance is also the most convenient way to offer employees a very affordable individual Health Insurance plan when continuation of group health coverage through COBRA insurance has been declined or when individuals have a waiting period before receiving group health insurance coverage. Employers can Get Linked  directly to VIPER Health Insurance.